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Magnetic Lifter for Iron Pipe/Cast Tube

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube,10 ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

  • Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube,6 ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter
  • Magnetic handling equipment for cast tube
  • steel pipe electromagnetic lifter
  • 10 ton magnetic handing equipment
  • Product description: 10 ton industrial magnets,magnetic lifter for cast pipe, electro permanent lifting electromagnet for 10 ton iron pipe

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube,10 ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

  • Single piece of cast pipe lifting.
  • Support lifting if the steel with some disturbance deformation
  • Large magnetic permeability depth,adsorption is more stable
  • The motor adjust the length of the beam and does not interfere with other objects(exclude steel)
  • With our own patent certificate,Patent Number :ZL201020522632.1

Cast Pipe Lifting Magnet Drawing :

What is electro permanent magnetic technology ?

Electro permanent magnet technology is via electricity to control the magnetic field lines of the permanent magnet material,  which express with magnetic force(magnetized state) or non-magnetic force(demagnetized state). It is an innovative  application technology that can attract or release material independently.

Magnetized state: Electromagnetic coil with instantaneous excitation current, which control the magnetic field state switching  of reversible magnetic material, so that the magnetic field covering the surface of the magnetic poles and bring strong adsorption  force. As the magnetic field form a closed loop,no magnetic loss, work with no heat, no noise, no energy consumption features(as  shown in Figure 1.1)

Demagnetized state:in the magnetized state, the electromagnetic coil once again instantaneous excitation current, the built-  in circuit to change the reversible magnetic field, so that the magnetic field converged inside the permanent magnet, and the  magnetic pole surface no longer have magnetic field, the material is released( as shown in Figure 1.2)

Magnetic Lifter components :

1,Electro permanent magnet
the core part of magnetic force, direct contact and adsorption of the work piece

2,Control System(including sound and light indicating system)
Control magnetization/demagnetization, collection and processing of all signals

2.1,Controller for long distance(optional)
Mini control cabinet used in Crane Cab or other compact location

2.2,Remote Controller (optional)
Mini control cabinet used in Crane Cab or other compact location

3, Cable retracting device
Pull in & out reel to release & collect cable

Electro permanent magnet advantages :

1.Economical,Energy saving, Environment protection
Electric permanent magnet system only use electricity at the moment of magnetic charging and demagnetization, no need power during working process, no temperature rise, save electricity power more than 95% compared with electromagnet, big reduction of using cost.
Both lifting permanent magnet and control system weights are light, can reduce the lifting equipment load,improve lifting weight.

2.High security
The magnetism of Electro permanent lifting magnet is from 2 kinds of permanent magnetic materials with different natures. Maximum magnetic force is up to 16kgf/cm2.No need electricity power during working, avoid the lifting magnet system magnetic power loss and the risk of sucked material falling down when power sudden failure or connection cable damaged. No attenuation even passed away long time, with great security during using.

3.Easy to use
Electronic control operation only have charge, demagnetization buttons, easy to operate, only use 0.1-1s for magnetization and demagnetization, improved the operation efficiency. There is no wearing parts inside the permanent magnet system, no hydraulic oil, compressed air etc., no specific maintenance, only need to ensure that the surface clean, reliable and durable, no maintenance, and practical.
After demagnetization, the surface remaining magnetic force is almost 0,even if the small magnetic particles will not adsorb on the surface of the magnetic pole, the adsorption will not scratch, will not cause remnants for the adsorption.

4.Unique, Flexible Product Design
The internal of lifting permanent magnet adopt unique modular design,dual magnetic source technology, a unique product manufacturing process, unique internal structure.

5.Perfect function
Electro Permanent Lifting magnet system is very safe, as it is not affected by power loss, no UPS battery auxiliary system. High energy from permanent magnetic materials provide lasting suction, always ensure the safety of materials and to ensure material only can be demagnetized when it is landing, provide the highest level of security to end users.

Application cases :

Product Pictures :

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Pls find below pre-sale data sheet and complete it and return to me,thanks for your cooperation.

Steel Material Data

Steel Plate

Steel Slab

Rectangle shape

Length mm , Width mm , Thickness mm

Each time Lifting piece

Horizontal lifting Side lifting

Abnormal shape

Length mm,   Width mm , Thickness mm

Shape size ( suggest provide drawing )

Each time Lifting piece

Horizontal lifting Side lifting

Steel Pipe

Steel Bar

Single piece

Length mm, Diameter φ mm, Wall thickness mm

Each time Lifting piece

Horizontal lifting Side lifting

A bundle

Single piece length mm,     Bundle length mm,

Bundle diameter φ mm,    Bundle gap mm

Each time Lifting bundle

Tie material , Width mm ,   Thickness mm .

Steel Roll coil

ID φ mm,    OD φ mm,    Width mm、 Thickness mm Tightness : Loose Roll Tight Roll

Each time Lifting bundle

Tie material ,  Width mm,    Thickness mm .

Section/Irregular Steel


Provide drawings to us if available

Adsorption Position

Adsorption Quantity

Material detail

Steel material Steel temperature

Air Gap mm           Lifting Material Weight kg           Stacking/bundle height mm

Crane Data

Rated lifting weight


Big trolley length


Rated lifting height


Hooks quantity

Quantity Pieces, Distance m/each hook

Beam span

M, The lowest point of the hook to the trolley motor distance m

Operating Data

Operating environment

Temperature Humidity %          Operating Place :  Indoor                   Outdoor

Control method

Panel control                  PLC Control             Remote Control                 Wire control                Cab Control

Input voltage

AC 380V               /AC 220V              /DC V

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