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Qianhao latest electric permanent magnet products to be shipped

Just now, Qianhao Magneto shipped two batches of electro-permanent magnet series products, one electro-permanent magnet and one electro-permanent magnet chuck. The electro-permanent magnet chuck is a new product ordered by our old foreign customers. Before taking the packing car, the editor quickly took some photos. Electro-permanent magnets are widely used, and their fields cover machinery heavy industry, automobile and shipbuilding, electronic product processing and other industries. Inquiries: 400-011-0288.

QEPM85-019014 electro permanent magnet

Electric permanent magnet after being wired

Related important parameters of electro permanent magnet

Supporting QC10-A1 electric permanent magnet controller

QEPM50-4264 electric permanent magnetic chuck and supporting control cabinet (QC10-A4)

Qianhao electric permanent magnet chuck will soon cross the ocean to the customer~


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