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The installation of electro-permanent magnets will become an improvement trend of industrial automation robots

Industrial automation robot refers to relying on its own power and energy and control capabilities to achieve various industrial processing and manufacturing functions. The use of industrial automation robots is easier for enterprises to manage factories, improve production efficiency and safety, and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

In recent years, the installation of electro-permanent magnets on the end of the robot arm has gradually replaced the traditional vacuum technology. The disadvantage of vacuum suction cup gripping is that they are easily worn and prone to failure. In addition, the position of the vacuum suction cup must be placed accurately, because when the vacuum suction cup is partially placed on the hole on the metal plate, the vacuum suction cup cannot be clamped at all. According to relevant tests, electro-permanent magnets are much lighter than vacuum suction cup fixtures, and electro-permanent magnets are less prone to wear and have a longer service life than vacuum suction cups. The rubber pad at the end ensures that the workpiece does not slide during vertical pick-up and prevents damage to the workpiece. Many large automobile manufacturers are already using this easy-to-install system.

QHMAG Customer Feedback-Compared with systems using traditional vacuum chuck fixtures, robots equipped with electro-permanent magnets can reduce factory energy costs by up to 90%, automation efficiency by up to 30%, and corporate capital costs by up to 25%. In general, electric permanent magnet fixtures are more suitable for applications such as robot welding and picking and placing operations. The advantages of automatic bending units are by no means limited to high-efficiency production. Its greater significance lies in reducing hidden safety hazards for operators. The standard process flow also ensures the consistency of product quality!


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