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What information should be determined before customizing the magnetic template of the injection molding machine?

The magnetic template change of the injection molding machine is a popular and practical rapid mold change method in the current injection molding industry. Since the advent of Qianhao Magneto's magnetic template, it has provided customized injection mold rapid mold change solutions for many injection molding manufacturers. 'S experience has earned us a good reputation in the industry. Consulting magnetic template: 0730-8661111, +86 189 7407 1177.

In order to give a set of customized quick die change system better, we sort out the information that customers need to know and confirm before sale.
1. About injection molding machine:
①The brand and model of the injection molding machine, vertical or horizontal, monochrome or multi-color, motor injection molding machine or hydraulic injection molding machine;
②Related parameters: clamping force, opening force, ejection force of ejection nozzle, ejection force of ejector rod, and modulus of elasticity;
③Whether the direction of the mold is horizontal or vertical, or whether there is a heat insulation board between the mold and the machine;
④The drawing of the back plate of the injection molding machine and the ejection holes to be reserved on the drawing;
⑤ Does the injection molding machine interface have European standard requirements-70.0 or 70.1?

2. About the mold:
①Two-plate mold or three-plate mold, horizontal mold or vertical mold, material of mold back plate, whether the mold has heat insulation board, whether there is eccentric mold, whether the mold has thread-removing mechanism; fixed mold, moving mold positioning ring diameter;
②Relevant value range: maximum and minimum mold weight, temperature range of mold backplane, length, height of backplane, CITIC height of backplane, backplane thickness, mold thickness, etc.;
3. About the control system:
The main control unit of Qianhao Magneto-Electrical Quick Change System is available in C4 and C8 models, and the remote control unit is also available in mechanical or intelligent touch screen types.
4. About matching
Magnetic template optional accessories currently only two, additional pressure plate holes, additional safety chain.


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