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The outdoor electric permanent magnet lifting artifact "can be used 600 times on a single charge", it's amazing!

Today, I would like to share with you a compact rechargeable electric permanent magnet spreader. It can not only be used in harsh outdoor environments, but it can also be switched on and off 600 times on a single charge. It can be operated by only one person. Through the magnetic adjustment button, you can also adjust multiple or single steel plates at one time!

Why choose a rechargeable permanent magnet lifter?

Because the rechargeable electric permanent magnet spreader does not lose its magnetism in addition to power failure, the charging status is monitored in real time, and the switch can be used continuously for 600 times once charged; The size of the magnetic force avoids unnecessary waste caused by excess magnetic force; the rechargeable electric permanent magnet displays the battery power in real time, and the permanent magnetic material can still provide strong suction when the power is exhausted, effectively avoiding the danger of falling off objects.

The rechargeable electric permanent magnet lifter is the same as the conventional spreader. The biggest feature is that the power will not lose magnetism.

With cranes, forklifts, excavators, robotic arms, etc., it can complete the role of lifting and handling. The rechargeable permanent magnet spreader does not have strict requirements for lifting objects, but only needs to meet the requirements of magnetic permeability. Even if the surface is not flat or there is non-magnetic conductive paint on the surface, our technicians will strictly arrange the magnetic poles to meet the requirements when making the plan. Suction lifting requirements (except for those that do not meet the basic lifting requirements)


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