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Coexistence of Strength and Value--Honeycomb All-Steel Magnetic Template

When it comes to the magnetic platen, the big brand that most people in the industry may think is Italian TECNOMAGNETE . Indeed, in the past, most of our domestic magnetic templates needed to be imported from abroad. With the innovation and development of magnetoelectric technology, a number of outstanding magnetic template manufacturers have emerged in China. Qianhao Magneto, which is located in the "Magnetic Capital" Yueyang, has developed a new type of honeycomb all-steel magnetic force. Template (invention patent number: ZL 2015 1048 1894.5), it can completely replace the imported magnetic template to achieve the localization of the rapid die change system.
The magnetic pole of the honeycomb all-steel magnetic template is hexagonal, and its research ideas are derived from the honeycomb structure of the hard work of honey, an outstanding architect of nature. The magnetic pole structure of the hive is more beautiful than the traditional round and square structure (as shown below). It can obviously win by the value of the face, but it has also absorbed many of the advantages of the hive-lightweight, stable, suitable and high rigidity!

Compared with the magnetic module of the round magnetic pole and the magnetic template of the square magnetic pole, the honeycomb all-steel magnetic template is more difficult to process and more expensive to manufacture, but under the same unit area conditions, it is 20% more than the square or circular magnetic module The suction force of the left and right to the mold contact surface (increased from 85 tons/m² to 105 tons/m²), the single magnetic pole suction force also increased by about 20% (from 50kgf to 70kgf). The honeycomb all-steel magnetic template increases the suction force in the limited adsorption area and installation space, which effectively improves the mold clamping force of the injection molding machine. It can be applied to the mold change of higher tonnage injection molds. And according to different user needs, you can also achieve honeycomb all-steel double-sided magnetic template.

In the final analysis, the magnetic template is also applied to the electric permanent magnet technology, so the magnetic template is often called the electric permanent magnet template. The electric permanent magnet template relies on the magnetic force of the permanent magnet material to adsorb the mold. There are no moving parts inside the template and no mechanical wear. Therefore, the electric permanent magnet template has a long life. Greatly reduced downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
       In recent years, Qianhao magnetic electric honeycomb all-steel magnetic template is more and more used in injection molding machines. The tool change is more convenient, and the time for the tool change is greatly shortened. The uniform force of the template also further improves the accuracy of the product, reduces the loss of the mold, and is a good guarantee for the service life of the mold!


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