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Electro Permanent Magnetic Clamping System for Quick Mold Change

Quick Mold Change System is applied to injection molding machine, die casting machine, punching machine and turning machine through magnetic plate compatible with mold changer to achieve safe, fast  and convenient replacement for large molds, to accomplish the effect of quick mold change.

The magnetic plate is a new type of magnetic mold clamping system with electric pulse opening and closing magnetic force. The magnetic circuit is designed by using the characteristics of different permanent magnet materials. The distribution of internal magnetic field lines is controlled by the electronic control system. The system reaches the internal balance and then uses the magnetic force to hold the mold.

The magnetic clamping system is used to fix the mold on the injection machine.Magnetic plate is designed for the traditional injection machine and give solution for long working time on change molds, complex operation, and low security.This system uses permanent magnet sucker as fixed plate and moving plate, just by simple actions of magnetization and demagnetization, will fix & change mold, which can indeed change mold in 3 minutes.The injection molding machine with magnetic plate is improved mold change time to 3 minutes but without changing the original structure, it is practical and convenient.

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1.Electro Permanent Magnet Principle

2.Magnetic  Plate Composition

1.Junction Box

2.Flus Control System

3.Warning Signs

4.Proximity Sensor

5.Temperature Sensor

6.Ejector Hole

7.Fixing Hole


9.Removable Locating  Ring

10.Magnetic Saturation Detection

3.Component of Quick Mold Change System

4.Advantages of Magnetic Clamping System

1)Easy Installation

No need to change the appearance and structure of injection molding machine, no need punch, just fix the magnetic plate by bolts in the rear panel threaded hole or T-slot of the injection molding machine.

2)High Safety

Magnetic Clamping system( Quick mold change)only need very short time for magnetization and demagnetization actions during change mold process, no need power supply during working. Magnet is strong and continuously when power off,which does not disappear or loss by time and temperature factors. It is economic and safe.

3)High Efficiency

Use Magnetic clamping system( Quick mold change ) can greatly improve the mold change efficiency, reduce the mold change time. Generally the mold change and mold clamping only need 3 minutes, large mold change only needs 10 minutes or so.

4)  Save Space

The thickness of Magnetic plate is about 37-50mm, space is small. The magnetic clamping system( quick change mold) does not use platens and other pneumatic and hydraulic components,save more space and make all the peripherals of the mold in the injection molding machine are easy for maintenance and operation.

5)Easy Operation

Any non-professional staff only need 1 minute training can be skilled the operation. 1 normal mold installation worker, no need any special skills, can stand outside the injection molding machine to replace the mold.

6)Economical and Practical

QHMAG magnetic clamping systems consume little energy.Electricity supply is only necessary for     magnetization and clamping is guaranteed even in the case of Power failure. Magnetic chuck application temperature can maximum up to 150°C, machine weight up from 60tons to 5000tons.

Typical Application cases :


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